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Lyme Disease
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Lyme Disease
by Kim Townsend - Naturopathic Doctor - Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton
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Lyme disease is contracted predominantly through a tick bite that can create a cascade of symptoms. In the acute stage of this disease there are often flu-like symptoms which are sometimes, but not always, accompanied by a “bullseye rash”. When the disease becomes more chronic it can mimic many disease processes as it attacks different systems of the body. Unfortunately many people don’t realize that they have been bitten by a tick because the tick numbs the skin while it is attached. If you suspect you may have the symptoms of Lyme disease, it is important that you seek a diagnosis and get treatment immediately. Naturopathic Doctor, Kim Townsend at the Townsend Naturopathic Clinic in Burlington, Ontario can help you requisition the most reliable lab work for diagnosing this disease.  Symptoms can range from nervous system disorders, mood disturbances, hormonal imbalances, muscle and joint pain, headaches, and unexplained fatigue and malaise. Lyme disease is slowly becoming more recognized in Ontario as awareness increases and the population of ticks carrying this disease escalates. Ticks are found in forested and grassy areas and often go unnoticed when hiking or playing in these environments.

At the Townsend Naturopathic Clinic in Burlington, Ontario, Dr. Kim approaches Lyme disease treatment by using a number of different assessment tools. She uses a combination of electro-dermal screening, body point testing, and lab work to help decipher which organs are most affected. Sometimes a nutritional panel is recommended to assess the specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies that arise from this disease. Dr. Kim will also requisition Lyme specific bloodwork to better support a patient’s diagnosis.   Unfortunately, the blood testing for Lyme disease in Ontario is not always adequate to rule out this disease definitively, and there are often false negatives.  Therefore, when Dr. Kim suspects this disease in a patient she sends bloodwork to IGeneX, a lab specializing in the testing and diagnosis of Lyme Disease. IGeneX is one of the top labs in North America for detecting Lyme disease and its associated co-infections.

Dr. Kim uses specific and individualized herbal and nutrient combinations to support the body in fighting  this tick born disease. These unique combinations are important in building the immune system, supporting organ function, and fighting the bacterial and associated fungal issues. These treatments are often done in combination with antibiotic treatments prescribed by a Lyme specific MD.

Dr. Kim has had a focus on Lyme disease for a number of years. She is a member of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society), she has attended conferences and workshops on Lyme Disease, and she is well connected with the Lyme community of practitioners and support networks.   Although Dr. Kim’s practise is in Burlington, Ontario she has treated patients from all over Southern Ontario.

Symptoms associated with Lyme disease:


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