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Digestive Health
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Digestive Health
by Kim Townsend - Naturopathic Doctor - Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton
What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Dr. Kim Townsend, ND. believes that the health of the digestive system is fundamental to the health of the entire body. There are more immune system receptor cells in the digestive tract than anywhere else in the body.  An inflamed digestive tract can lead to damage to these  immunecells and ultimately poor health.

When the digestive system is not functioning well,  food is not  broken down and absorbed properly which can lead to symptoms of indigestion and malabsorption . As a result nutrients are not absorbed as they should and may result in nutrient depletion .Fatigue, gas and bloating, mood disturbances, behavioral issues, irritability, memory problems, and environmental toxicity are all associated with poor digestion. The overall effect of a compromised digestive system is the potential for bigger health problems down the road.

Another concern with inflammation of the digestive tract is the increased risk for developing leaky gut syndrome. This condition is the result of undigested food molecules  thattravel across the intestinal mucosal barrier and end up in the blood stream. The body’s immune system does not recognize these larger molecules and mounts an immune response to these foods. The result is multiple food intolerances. The continued consumption of these foods leads to further damage and a vicious cycle of poor digestion and allergic reactions to more and more foods.

Dr. Townsend,ND has multiple tools to determine the cause of digestive disturbance. She may suggest IgG food intolerance testing. This lab test is a simple pin-prick test done in office and assesses for  100 to 200 different food sensitivities. She may also recommend a Stool Analysis to determine whether there may be digestive enzyme deficiencies or possible parasites leading to digestive issues. During a patient  appointment  she will often perform TBM and/or and EDS testing to gain a better understanding of specific organ weakness and the  underlying ‘cause’  of  digestive disturbances.

Your Naturopathic treatment plan will focus on healthy eating habits, detoxification, and supplements to heal the gut and eliminate the symptoms caused by bacterial overgrowth and leaky gut syndrome. Dr. Townsend,ND will provide a nutrition and diet plan that includes the elimination of your allergenic foods.   The overall  treatment goals  will be to eliminatethe underlying cause, heal the digestive tract, and stimulate the body’s innate immune response.

Common Digestive Problems Treated at the Townsend Naturopathic Clinic:
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Food Intolerances and Food Allergies    
Bloating and Gas
Digestive Enzyme Deficiency
HCL Deficiency
GI Issues due to Antibiotic Use
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Celiac Disease
Chrohn’s Disease
Heartburn/ Acid Reflux
Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers
Ulcerative Colitis


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